D & C - Data Warehouse & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Expo - Japan IT Week

2014-05-14 - 2014-05-16
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Ji Sang
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Data Warehouse & CRM Expo (D&C) gathers essential data warehouse and CRM solutions for corporate management. A great number of managers in corporate management and information systems department visit D&C every year to conduct face-to-face business discussions with exhibitors.

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Financial, Communications, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Public Offices, Research Institutions, Educational Institutions, etc.

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Management Planning, Information Systems, Customer Services, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, etc.

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Data Warehouse Related Tools/Systems

Data Warehousing Servers, Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), Data Mart, ETL/Meta Data Management Tools, Query/Reporting Tools, Data Processing Engines, Operation Management Tools, etc.

Decision Support Tools

BI Tools/Solutions, Visualization Tools/Solutions, Balanced Scorecard, etc.

CRM Related Applications

CRM Solutions, SFA Solutions, ERP Solutions, SCM Solutions, Sales/Inventory Management Solutions, etc.

Intelligence Sharing

Groupware, Knowledge Management, EIP Solutions, Workflow/Enterprise Portal, Data Integration Tools, Enterprise Search Software/Engines, etc.

Data Analysis/Mining Tools

OLAP Tools, Data Analysis Tools, Data Mining Tools, Text/Document Mining Tools, Data Modeling Tools, etc.



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