Design & Evaluation of Protective Structures Masterclass 2017

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The Design & Evaluation of Protective Structures Masterclass 2017 is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to provide a complete guide on establishing strategic protective structure design planning across key stakeholders to ensure effective utilisation of the protective structure, focusing on blast characterization and analysis, enhancing protective structure modelling, failure analysis and risk evaluation to increase the level of protection as well as successfully implements materials and design consideration performance for protective structures. In addition, a review of blast damage assessment issues will provide forensic and rescue personnel with information that is vital to rescue and investigate efforts after a facilities structure failure or collapse. In today’s geopolitical environment, there is a need for critical infrastructure facilities, systems, and building structures from attack has not diminished and to be protected against terrorist acts, explosive blasts, unintentional external loads, industrial accidents onshore and offshore as well as natural disaster/hazards such as storms, floods, hurricanes, etc. This problem may, in fact, exceed the previous reasons for military facilities sponsor work on fortifications. Careful attention must be devoted to typical modern civilian and military facilities whose failure could severely disrupt the social and economic infrastructure of nations. Therefore, an innovative, numerical, and experimental approaches on Design & Analysis of Protective Structures is vital in order to protect society from a wide range of threats.
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WHY YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS EVENT?: IN-DEPTH CASE STUDIES on Protective Structure Design & Analysis to showcase the key success factors as well as lessons learnt on each projects PRACTICAL EXERCISE on critical phase of protective structure planning and design to ensure maximum safety and increase the level of protection SPECIAL! PRE-COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE to ensure you gain maximum value from this course by addressing your specific challenges in your current protective structure modelling and analysis DETAILED COURSE DOCUMENTS so that you receive in-depth information on what you have learned & to help you digest the subject matter UNIQUE INTERACTIVE CLASS which discusses the key issues faced and the learning outcomes at the end of each training day to achieve maximum learning experience

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