Drupa 2020

2020-06-16 - 2020-06-26
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drupa is not only the printing trade fair to see the latest developments and to place orders, it is also a confidence barometer for the entire print media industry itself, its markets, its clients and its suppliers. The print and media industry is changing and new technologies are establishing themselves. We are responding to these changes to pique visitor interest with state-of-the-art technologies and new solutions in the highlighted themes of commerical printing, functional & industrial printing, packaging productions, multichannel, 3D printing and green printing.   

The atmosphere at drupa 2016, the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions, could hardly be topped: the investment climate was extremely good and has far exceeded all expectations. As the 11-day trade fair drew to a close the 1,837 exhibitors from 54 countries unanimously reported excellent business deals, extremely promising contacts and a positive spirit for the global print industry. The re-positioning of drupa and its focus on future themes with strong growth potential – such as 3D printing, functional printing or packaging printing – proves to be a real asset. Be it publication, commercial, packaging or industrial printing – printing technology offers matching solutions for all of these applications while opening up new lines of business and business models at the same time.

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Printing & Paper Tradesmen, Bookbinding Shops, Industrial Designers & Artists, Packaging Manufacturers & Plate Finishing and Mounting

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Main Product Categories: 

  • Prepress and Premedia Systems, Appliances, Software
  • Printing Machinery, Appliances, Accessories
  • Bookbinding and Print Finishing Machinery, Appliances, Accessories
  • Paper Converting, including Package Production Machinery, Appliances, Accessories
  • Materials and Consumables
  • Services
Future dates

Every four years

Future staging:  2024

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