The Engaging Youth: Where They Want, How They Want! Conference 2018

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Reach & Resonate With Children, Meet Parental Needs & Expectations With Engaging, Insight-Led & Responsible Social, Content, Video, Technology & Channel Strategies To Boost Brand Success
A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 22nd May 2018, Minster Exchange, London.

Tap Into The Latest Kids & Parents Trends & Insights To Create Family-Favourite Marketing Campaigns Which Engage Children, Appeal To Parents, Harness The Latest Innovations & Technologies & Stand Out On Social, TV & YouTube For Boosted Brand Success:

  1. Tap Into The Hottest Children’s Trends & Insights: Align your campaigns, content and strategies to capitalise on the latest media trends, purchasing behaviours and mindsets of kids today
  2. Meet Parents’ Needs & Expectations: Get to grips with parents’ likes, dislikes and what affects decision making for brand strategies that engage parents and ultimately sell
  3. Social Media Engagement For Kids Done Right! Win on social with exciting yet compliant content, platforms and upcoming innovations which truly engage kids for long-term fans
  4. Reach Out & Influence Parents On Social Media: Win parents over as brand advocates and drive your social success with tailored, impactful messaging
  5. This The Death Of TV & Will Video Conquer All? Stay up-to-date with kids’ changing video consumption habits for attention-grabbing advertising, greater awareness and wise budget allocation
  6. Master Stand-Out Content Creation: Next-level campaigns to engage kids, gain family buy-in and boost brand success
  7. Maximise Conversions Across Every Channel: Refine your channel mix to ensure your messages are reaching kids and parents and driving ROI and conversions
  8. New Innovations, Digital Advances & The Technology Revolution: Harness what’s hot and what’s impacting and influencing kids today so you don’t get left behind!
  9. Responsible, Safe Digital Messaging: Ensure your campaigns and messages adhere to the rules on digital and social

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