Eradicating HIV: Pledge to Share and Contribute

Raising Global Awareness on STD/AIDS and Fighting the Stigma Surrounding the Disease
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Graduatecentral is a hand-picked platform for young aspiring graduates to escalate the knowledge sharing in a rapid way. This unique stage follows open peer review process for any contribution and disseminates the information free to the world. Open peer review system makes more transparency in the review process. Open peer review process is a post publication review system where the names of authors and reviewers will be known to one another. Graduatecentral will encourage young scholars to publish their innovative thoughts quickly and aid in enriching and updating the information depending on the expert’s comments. HIV has turned as a curse to human society and requires urgent attention from the global research community. All the eligible graduates are encouraged to submit report on HIV Co-infection, vaccine, medicine, prevention, anti-retroviral therapy including HAART, epidemic, HIV transmission and patient care, HIV and HPV co-infection, effect of antiretroviral drugs in pregnant women, different aspects of diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, development of therapeutics and experimental vaccine and allied subject related discussions. Lucrative academic reward on behalf of Graduatecentral will be provided to the scholars with excellent contribution. The 5 top-notch reports will be selected by the experts under the monitoring of the eminent editorial board member of the Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research and will be offered travel grant to attend any relevant OMICS Group conference in the respective continent. OMICS International is a leading open access scientific publisher with 500+ cutting-edge peer reviewed open access journals crowned by 30,000 eminent personalities as editorial board members and organizes over 300+ scientific conferences all over the world annually. OMICS International is having alliance with 1000+ international scientific societies across the world.

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