Eurasia Light Antalya

Eurasia Light Antalya brings light and electricity professionals together at 27-30 January 2016.
2016-01-27 - 2016-01-30
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EURASIA Light Antalya, International Lighting, Electric, Security and Building Automation Technologies Fair will be held in Antalya Expo Center from 27-30 January 2016 by Pyramids Group with its 22 years of experience. EURASIA LIGHT ANTALYA is an international trade fair which will be organized at the best place of Turkey, Antalya which geographically gathers Middle East, Middle Asia, and the Caucasia together. Eurasia Light brings the professionals together not only from Turkey but also the key players from the world.
Attendee information
• Electrical Engineers • Architects and Interior Designers • Civil Engineers and Contractors • Hotel and Resort Managers and Purchasers • Lighting Designers • Industrial Designers • Technical Director of Business Facilities • Distributors • Retail Chain Store Operators and Authorities • Chambers, Related Associations, Federation, Union Members • The Ministry of Local Government
Exhibitor information
Industrial Lighting Outdoor Lighting Store Lighting Hotel Lighting Decorative Lighting Solar Lighting Systems Lighting Accessories Building Automation Systems LED Product and Technologies Electric Energy Production Systems, Combustion Machines, Renewable Energy Transformations, Accumulators and Interrupted Power Sources Electric Engines, Frequency Inverters, Engine Drivers Gears and Mechanic Drivers Systems Cables and Equipments for Electric Transfer Electric Switches and Electric Power Distribution Materials Electronic and Opto-Electronic Materials Electric and Electronic Testing and Measurements Materials Lighting Materials Structural Cabling Electric Power and Engineering Services Assembly & Handling Systems, Linear Positioning Systems Robot Technology Machine Visual Systems Control Systems, PLC, SCADA Sensor and Motion Systems (Actuators) Industrial PCs Communication, Webs and Field Bus Systems Embedded Systems Measure and Testing Systems Industrial Automatic Information Interception and Defining Systems Industrial ITs and Software Laser Technology Industrial Building Automation Systems Automation Services
Future dates
January 2017

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