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The future of the industry, the future of your career, starts here. The swift transformations we see business, society and, more specifically, the food retailing industry moving through demand a new leadership paradigm. The 2017 Future Leaders eXperience is a vital revisioning that will give high-potential industry employees the opportunity to step back from their daily routines and hone the skills that will be required as they take over leadership posts in their stores, their companies and their industry.

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The ideal candidates for the Future Leaders eXperience are a company's highest-potential employees, those who have already demonstrated some leadership skills and who senior executives imagine could take on significant managerial positions as their careers develop. This is an excellent venue to hone their leadership and management skills and advance their career potential and value to their companies. Over the three-day eXperience, the industry's strongest emerging leaders will go into the "learning laboratory" and come out with the expertise that will be required to lead their own teams in the 21st-century workplace.

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Business success — you may think it’s all about the bottom line, but savvy CEOs like those at Apple, Starbucks and IKEA know otherwise. Although profits play a big role, it’s also important for companies to be socially responsible by considering their impact on the environment, their local economy and their customers. One way that companies can practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) is by incorporating it into company events.