Fresh Business Expo Ukraine 2019

Fresh Business Expo is a leading B2B event in the entire fruit and vegetable sector (vegetables, fruits, berries).
2019-12-03 - 2019-12-05
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Exhibitions B.V.
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+31 85 401 73 97

Fresh Business Expo is an international specialized exhibition dedicated to the technologies of growing, processing, storage, processing and marketing of fruit and vegetable products. It is the only event in Ukraine exclusively focused on the full cycle of production of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Fresh Business Expo is:

  • fruit and vegetable growing, berry growing, mushroom-growing, viticulture,
  • seed production,
  • exhibition of cultivation technologies,
  • exhibition of technologies of storage of vegetables and fruits, berries, dried fruits, etc.,
  • exhibition of greenhouse technologies and equipment,
  • exhibition of cooling, freezing and canning technologies, as well as related equipment,
  • equipment for processing fruits and vegetables, berries, etc.,
  • equipment for chemical protection of plants and application of mineral fertilizers into the soil,
  • irrigation and drip irrigation equipment,
  • measuring instruments,
  • exhibition of post-harvest processing technologies,
  • packaging and sorting technologies,
  • technology of laying of gardens and berries,
  • systems of selection of crops for industrial garden,
  • seedlings and rootstocks, seedlings of berries,
  • disease control and prevention, protection and nutrition of fruit plantations,
  • exhibition of agricultural equipment,
  • exhibition of agricultural machinery,
  • vegetables and equipment for storage of finished products,
  • packaging materials,
  • marketing in the vegetable and vegetable sector,
  • suppliers of fruit and vegetable products - farmers,
  • importers of fruit and vegetable products - traders.

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