2018-03-28 - 2018-03-30
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Minh Vi
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+84 28 3848 8561
+84 28 3848 8564

PARTICIPATION FEE RAW SPACE: USD 280 /sqm (minimum 18 sqm) Ideal for exhibitor who wish to build their own concepts SHELL SCHEME: USD 2,810/ booth (9sqm) (corner charge 5%) Rear and wall partition of 2.5m height in white laminated panel Fascia board with company name and booth number Needle punch carpet 1 x information counter 2 x folding chair 1 x waste paper basket 1 x 13 amp/230 volt single phase power point 2 x 40W fluorescent tube Daily cleaning Seminar fee: USD 1,000/ slot ( 45 mins) Package fee: USD 3,300/ 1 booth ( 9 sqm) & 1 seminar slot

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Manufacturers Of Antioxidants, Acidulants, Additives, Cereal Products, Amino Acids, Flavorings, Confectionary Ingredients, Dietetic Foods, Egg Products, Fats & Essential Oils, Fibers, Food Safety & Testing Equipment, Food Supplements, Fruits & Vegetables, Healthy Foods & Beverages, Hydrocolloids, Juices, Low-cal Foods, Soya Products, Meat & Fish Products, Nutraceuticals, Organic Products, Preservatives, Proteins, Seasonings & Spices, Starches, Sweeteners, Teas & Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements, Yeasts. International Buyers/ Food Traders/ Manufacturers/ Distributors/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Importers/ Exporters Pharmacy/ Department Stores/ Beauty Salon National & Local Associations/ Institutes/ Center of Food & Medicine Scientists/ Researchers/ Consultants Media

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Alternative healthcare related food products, Amino-Acid, Beauty-care food, Commissioned manufacturing firms, Commissioned Testing firms, Dietetic food, FNFC(food with nutrient function claims), FOSHU (Food for specified health use), Health Foods, Herbs, Juices, Low-cal foods, Malt extracts, Minerals, Nutraceuticals foods, Nursing-care food, Natural foods, Organic food, Organic vegetables, Supplements, Analytical test technology, and equipments, Vitamins, Cachet / package / containers for health food, and more. Functional Food/ Products Functional Drinks Personal Care Natural & Herbal Medicine Test & Inspection Health Care & Therapy Raw Materials Equipment & Related Services Processing & Packaging Equipment Nutrition Supplements Pharmaceuticals Dietary Supplements Research & Development General Business Services Oacking Machinery Health-promotion Disease prevention Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Drinks Fine, Health And Baby Foods Health & Wellness Outlets Ayurceuticals Veterinary Nutrition Botanicals & Herbal Extracts Cosmeceuticals & Cosmetic Ingredients Health Foods & Snacks Nutra Parks & Infrastructure Companies Health ingredients

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Atlantic City is a hidden gem along the New Jersey shoreline, offering visitors much more than a seaside destination. As Atlantic City has gone through numerous transitions, the destination is in the midst of the dawn of a new era, drawing from its rich history to meet the demands of the future.