GIFT&PROMO FAIR 2018 - 1st Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products Fair

2018-09-20 - 2018-09-22
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The giving of gifts at various events is an ancient tradition, which goes back many centuries. And, despite its venerable age, this tradition survives in many countries to this day and will likely never be abandoned. In the modern world, marketers devote whole writings to the selection of gifts. They rack their brains for days and nights, trying to come up with new things, new ways of giving, new wrappers that will immediately attract the eye.

The 1st Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products, Gift&Promo Fair 2018 will be held for the first time in Azerbaijan on 20-22 September at Boulevard Hotel Baku. The Gift&Promo Fair 2018 will present a huge assortment of souvenir products in various categories, while showcasing the latest global trends in gift products, home decor items, tableware, festive products, business gifts, corporate giftware, jewellery, etc. The exhibition is organised by Caspian Event Organisers (CEO).

For three days, the exhibition will provide an exceptional opportunity to have a closer look at a wide range of high-quality products and gain knowledge about development in this industry. Participants from Azerbaijan, China, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Russia and Ukraine will present their creations in promotional products, gifts, gift boxes, leather products, including but not limited to folders, boxes, bags, wallets, and all kinds of souvenirs and textile goods such as T-shirts, caps, jackets, scarves, flags and much more.

The programme of additional events is also timed to the exhibition. Thus, on the first day of the exhibition, B2B meetings will be organised between exhibitors and potential customers, enabling them to conduct business negotiations without intermediaries and to establish valuable contacts. On the second day, meetings between participating companies and their potential customers will continue but under a different format; at these meetings customers will act as the main speakers and will tell about their expectations from promo companies, what products are lagging behind in demand, and in turn, the companies will have the opportunity to put forward their best ideas in terms of highest quality for affordable prices. Such talks will contribute to the development of the market and further establish mutually beneficial relations among the market participants. Moreover, for the first time at this exhibition, promotional clothing will be displayed; this “fashion show” will help exhibitors demonstrate visually their quality and capabilities in both production and branding of clothing.

To sum it up, presentations of well-known brands and new trademarks, an abundance of marketing information, business connections with partners and, finally, a festive atmosphere - all this will be waiting for you at the Gift&Promo Fair 2018! The 1st Azerbaijan International Advertising and Printing Exhibition AdPrint exhibition will be organised in parallel with the Gift&Promo Fair 2018.

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Visitor Profile:

  • Public and private sectors:
    - leaders and representatives of large companies, shopping centres, department stores and specialized stores;
    - heads of marketing and public relations departments;
    - heads of purchasing departments;
    - office managers.
  • Distributors and dealers
  • Wholesale companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Event-organisation agencies
  • Interior design companies
  • Experts in floristry and studio design

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