Global Summit on Languages & Linguistics

An Insight into the Science of Language and its Prominence in Constituting the World of Communication
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OMICS Group is enchanted to welcome you attend the prestigious “Global Summit on Languages & Linguistics” which is to be held from June 16-17, 2015 at Alicante, Spain. With the main theme “An Insight into the Science of Language and its Prominence in Constituting the World of Communication”, the conference aims to explore the role of Language and Linguistics in bringing together the World Communities. Languages Summit-2015 is a unique platform which provides exciting and productive opportunities to educators, Language practitioners, Scholars, researchers, trainers and Linguists to share their expertise in the realm of Languages & Linguistics through interactive and innovative sessions. It helps you to listen to latest research findings, present your work before a global audience, network, build new relationships, and join the international language community. Languages Summit-2015 provides an access to exhibit rich ideas on development of Languages and Linguistics focusing on various aspects of Language world. It promotes the value of Languages in rapid changing communication driven society and explores current researches in various fields of Languages & linguistics like Language Evolution, Language Structure, Analysis, Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Morphology, Phonology, Semantics, Pragmatics, Language Acquisition and Functional Linguistics. It attracts front ranking academics, professionals & policy makers working in area of Languages and Linguistics identifying new collaborative & networking opportunities among the participants thereby contributing to the development of Languages. OMICS Group International is proud to host around 300 international scientific conferences around the globe to address the current issues and discoveries in the field of Life sciences, Applied Science & Engineering, Management, Clinical, Medical and Pharmaceutical sciences with their appreciated 400 Open Access Journals and around 30,000 editorial members and reviewers ensuring the quality and quick editorial and review process. Language is an extremely important way of interacting with the people around us. There are about 7,000 languages spoken in the world today. However, the numbers of speakers of these languages are vastly uneven, In fact, the distribution is so skewed that half of the world's population natively speaks only 13 most populous languages. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world next to Chinese Mandarin with 414 million speakers all over the world. Different languages spoken in Spain are Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Austurian, Galician. Endangered language is a language that is at risk of falling out of use as its speakers die out or shift to speaking another language. Coming to the statistics of Languages, about 373 Languages were extinct and 9150 languages are dying whereas 1519 languages are in trouble globally. It is estimated that, if nothing is done, half of 6000 plus languages spoken today will disappear by the end of this century. The threat to linguistic resources is now recognized as a worldwide crisis which paved a way for Language research worldwide. In Concern to loss of diversity and vitality of the world’s languages OMICS Group feels it an urgent need to create awareness on importance of Languages and their preservation and proudly organizes Languages Summit-2015 conference reflecting important trends and issues on Languages and Linguistics.

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