GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference 2018

2018-02-20 - 2018-02-22
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The 10th GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference will take place from February 20 to 22, 2018 in Hall 11 of Messe Frankfurt am Main. The anniversary event will further strengthen the international character of GPEC. The Frankfurt am Main trade fair location is best suited to meet the growing demand of visitors and exhibitors from home and abroad, and due to its central location and good accessibility, it allows GPEC to visit itself on a one-day trip. The GPEC 2018 is once again the only "one-stop shop" for all management levels and areas of expertise in police, border guards, customs administration, state information and security services, population and disaster control authorities, At the GPEC, decision-makers, managers, purchasers, technicians, trainers and end-users come together. In the confidential atmosphere of this closed event, which is only accessible to the public, information about new products and the exchange of experience on the further development of imported equipment, systems and procedures is in the center. More than 60% of the visitors are end users, who are also sought-after by the exhibitors. Since the first event in 2000 - even before the terrorist attacks of the 9/11 - the GPEC in Germany is the first and only representative overall view of the management and deployment of internal security. It covers all areas and areas of equipment - in particular information and communication, automotive and transport, weapons, tactical equipment and equipment, clothing and personal equipment, criminal and laboratory technology. Only the GPEC informs the trade visitors about needs, product offers, procurements, professional training and use.

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Target group of safety authorities: Police Border protection Customs and financial institutions Law of justice / justice Government information and security services Fighters / military police Gendarmerie and infantry Including special units of all areas Further public service related to internal security

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