Gulf States Horticultural Expo 2020

2020-01-16 - 2020-01-17
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Welcome Green Industry Professional and thank you for your interest in GSHE 2020! The upcoming show is poised to be another great success. Attendees, check out our expanded education sessions and get help on business issues that may keep you up at night. Learn about plant availability concerns or find new suppliers, products, and ideas on the trade show floor. Our exhibitors are eager to learn more about your needs and how they may be of service to your business. See you in Mobile!

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The Gulf States Horticultural Expo is open to Green Industry Professionals only. Expo attendees come to find new products and suppliers, build and maintain their professional network, get updates on industry issues and trends, and for the engaging education sessions. Does your business profile match others that find great value in attending the Expo?

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GSHE 2021 Week of January 17-23

GSHE 2022 Week of January 16-22

GSHE 2023 Week of January 15-21

GSHE 2024 Week of January 14-20

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