HPC & AI for Wall Street - Singapore 2020

2020-04-14 - 2020-04-15
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HPC & AI on Wall Street Conference is the place where FinTech innovation is showcased to highlight the achievements of innovative providers and users on Wall Street.

This conference is designed for executives and practitioners involved in the design, development and support of advanced-scale computing and application performance.

HPC & AI on Wall Street creates the ideal networking opportunity for attendees to collaborate with experts and peers and network to discover innovations that meet current and future advancements in Artificial Intelligence and high performance computing supporting today’s digital transformation challenges and opportunities within financial services.

The goal for this streamlined event is to sponsor a culture of networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing to showcase innovations and successful use cases in HPC and AI adoption in financial services which are ushering in a new era of digital transformation within the industry.

Join us at the newly refreshed HPC & AI on Wall Street event happening April 14 and 15, 2020 at The Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. We are bringing together thought leaders and industry frontrunners alike to share experiences and strategies that are setting the standards for Capital Markets today and in the future. With executive advisors from our newly formed Customer Advisory Board and new Event Chair, Jem Pagán, HPC & AI on Wall Street 2020 is dedicated to showcasing tech innovation on Wall Street, making it the premier innovation event for the Financial Services Segment. HPC & AI on Wall Street is composed of the leading advanced scale technology buyers on Wall Street and broader Financial Services segments, delivering an environment designed for innovative providers to share and showcase their value to the leading advanced scale executive leadership attendees.

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