IDMP - Impact on Data, Systems and Process

2015-06-24 - 2015-06-26
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ISO IDMP will be mandatory from July 1st 2016 and it will make a fundamental impact on the way the pharmaceutical industry is required to collect, manage and submit relevant data. Now is the last call for all marketing authorization holders to (re)think their data submission policies and processes to make sure you close your IDMP implementation gaps in the next 12 month and have a clear vision of the next challenges lying ahead! Our conference is dedicated to support companies in better understanding, prioritizing and implementing strategies on the way into seamless and fully compliant regulatory information and content management. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your questions answered, to benchmark the stage of your preparation, to initiate partnerships and to take an active part in designing the RIM’s community future agenda! Join us this summer in Berlin and gain valuable, practical information: - Learn how to assess and analyse data requirements for the IDMP standards by discussing possible interpretations with our expert from regulatory bodies on-site! - Benchmark your own IDPM Implementation process with peers from both big and mid-size pharma - Share insights how the IDMP standards are changing the interactions between IT-Systems, company departments, contract manufacturers and regulatory agencies - Discuss and compare with your peers experiences with vendors and solution providers offering help to achieve your IDMP implementation goals!

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