IMAC-XXXV Conference & Exposition on Structural Dynamics

2017-01-30 - 2017-02-02
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Welcome to the 35th edition of IMAC, a conference and exposition focusing on structural dynamics. IMAC has evolved to encompass the latest technologies supporting structural dynamics.The current thrusts in simulation and modeling, nonlinear dynamics, sensors, signal processing and control spanning the full range of engineering disciplines, civil, mechanical, industrial, electrical, aerospace, automotive, etc. are discussed. The theme for IMAC XXXV is ‘Structural Dynamics Challenges in Next Generation Aerospace Systems.’ The performance demands on aerospace structures drives many of the technologies associated with our conference.In addition to topics associated with our theme, this Call for Papers offers the traditional general topics associated with IMAC as well as topic developed by our technical divisions. We encourage IMAC participants to also develop sessions and be involved with the various technical divisions within the Society.

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