2016-11-04 - 2016-11-06
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Exhibitions are strategic extension of companies? plan and do provide outstanding sales, marketing, research, branding, financial and other rewards for companies that understand some important exhibition marketing fundamentals. As an emerging economy, Tanzania with its high growth potential, suggests a diversified economy and a good number of opportunities, remains untapped in many sectors ready to be discovered. The Tanzanian government has taken serious steps to liberalize the economy and encourage both domestic sector private and foreign investments which lead the country to be the preferred destination for foreign direct investment, continuous improvements towards the creation of an enabling environment. The three-day INGETREX TANZANIA; is going to produce positive business-to-business relationships between exhibiting companies and visitors which cannot be actualized through any websites or sales brochures meaning that your company?s exhibition success is directly related to how well your stand personel interact with the show visitors who are your current and future customers. The exhibition will be exceptionally beneficial for your participant?s expansion throughout East Africa. Some of the obvious benefits that companies choosing to partake in the exhibition stand to get include: *Help their products be known in the Tanzanian market and in the neighbouring countries *Meeting face to face and do business with the leading players in the market sector *Enriching company profile *Networking with the key industry players and building brand awareness *Investigating new market sector opportunities and generate new sales leads for the future *Scheduling meetings and spending invaluable face to face time with key customers, prospects and decision makers *Advertise their existence
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Producer Reseller Importers/Distributors/Agents Buyers/Importers from the neighbouring countries Other professionals in the field Major retailers who are driving demand Consumers
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Exporter and trading companies, manufacturers, importers The following sector products will be showcased during the organization in each hall; 1.Build, Construction & Machinery 2.Agriculture, Food & Packaging 3.Cosmetics, Chemicals, Cleaning Products & Cosmetology 4.Home Textile, Furniture, Appliances & Decoration

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