Institute for Functional Medicine Annual International Conference 2018

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2018 Annual International Conference (AIC)

Solving the Puzzle of Autoimmunity: The Interplay of Gut, Genes, and Environment

Up to 50 million Americans are estimated to have an autoimmune condition,* and annual direct healthcare treatment costs for these patients total $100 billion.1 Nearly 100 different diseases have been classified as autoimmune in nature, with 40 more suspected.1 IFM’s 2018 Annual International Conference (AIC), “Solving the Puzzle of Autoimmunity: The Interplay of Gut, Genes, and Environment,” focuses on the exploding research and therapies around the interconnected roles of intestinal permeability, genetic disruptors, and various environmental triggers that coalesce to create autoimmune disease.

The underlying causes of autoimmune disease are multifactorial and complex, and until now, too little attention has been focused on determining the central causal factors. Expanding knowledge into manifestations of the autoimmune process is yielding productive and compelling applications around the tangle of the gut, genes, and environment in the formula. At IFM’s 2018 AIC, we will translate the data into actions that can prevent, treat, and reverse the triggers and mediators of autoimmune disease in patients.


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