International Conference and Exhibition on Control System

2015-11-03 - 2015-11-05
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OMICS Group is organizing International Conference and Exhibition on Control System during November 03-05, 2015 at Beijing, China. Control System is an essential research topic and helpful in upliftment of technology used in Industrial sector. It is involved in almost every industry so one the most profit making sector. Inventors can showcase their latest technology so they can have business opportunity with investors and companies. Cyber Security for Smart Grid Industrial Control Systems Will Surpass $600 Million in Market Value by 2020. Around 600 Conferences, National symposiums and Workshops are to be held across the globe in the year 2014 and 2015 on Control System, this itself indicates the importance of Control System Technology. In recent years, the development of electronic technology and people's pursuit for intelligence has boosted the rapid development of the electronic intelligent controller industry. The global intelligent controller industry realized the sales of approximately USD1.0711 trillion, representing a year-on-year increase of 20%; wherein, China achieved about USD133.7 billion (USD1 = RMB6.2), up 21% year on year, equivalent to 12% of the world. Automotive electronics, electric tools & industrial equipment and household appliances act as three major application fields of electronic intelligent controllers, contributing 20%, 16% and 13% to China's electronic intelligent controller sales in 2014. The electronic intelligent controllers made in China not only meet the domestic demand, but also are exported to foreign markets. In 2013, China exported about 90.71 million sets of electronic intelligent controllers valued about USD1.6 billion. The United States, Japan and Hong Kong were major export destinations, occupying 20%, 11% and 10% of China's export volume.

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