The International Exhibition & Conference for Higher Education for The Middle East ( Taleem )

2015-11-02 - 2015-11-04
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In light of the current political instability in the region including Iraq,Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, organizers of Taleem -Jordan felt there is a crucial demand for undergraduate, postgraduate university degrees and diplomas, in various education specialty , in order to meet the request of numerous students numbers that are seeking to discuss the future of their higher education abroad. Jordan, being an oasis of security and stability in the region, can be explored from all those willing to take advantage of this order. Moreover, Iraqi government has allocated a higher education initiative to offer 50,000 students who are willing to study abroad ,and regional countries such as Syria, and Palestine are expected to send 20,000 and 10,000 students respectively, Lebanese students seeking higher education abroad exceeded 25000 students ,bearing in mind that thousands of students from those countries are currently leaving in Jordan or studying at Jordanian schools and students from Iraq , Palestine and Lebanon and have been benefiting immensely from Jordan's accessibility from those countries in terms of entry visa facilitation, language & culture .
TA’LEEM 2015 is the first ever international Exhibition & Conference specialized in higher education for the Middle East region to take place in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Amman), this part of the greater Middle East often referred to as “the Levant”. The main purpose behind conducting such event is to represent an important source of students seeking higher education at international universities in both programs; graduate and undergraduate not only for Jordan but for Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon as well. Iraq alone has more than 50,000 scholarships offered to Iraqi students for continuing their higher education abroad, while a similar number of competent students with financial means complete their secondary levels and bachelor degrees in Jordan,Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine each year. TA’LEEM Exhibition & Conference will be held under the high patronage of H.E Prime Minister of Jordan and the official support of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research from 2 - 4 November 2015 at Zara Expo, a venue conveniently located near major hotel chains and within minutes from Amman’s city center and main landmarks. With so much going on in the region, political conflicts and security threats are nowhere near an end. Jordan, with its political stability and tightened security, stands out as the safe haven and the preferred venue for an event of such magnitude and importance. Amman’s proximity by land and air makes it particularly convenient for thousands of students from Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon to come and meet university’s admission officers face to face and speed up application and acceptance procedures. TA’LEEM Exhibition & Conference is designed to take place as a great help for thousands of academically capable students from the region; those who are in urgent need of securing an acceptance from reputable international universities and their affiliated institutions spread throughout the region itself. TA’LEEM 2015 is forecasted to attract over 200 higher education institutions from around the world as well as Jordan’s own reputable universities and specialized colleges.
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Visitors Profile • Students & Higher Education Seekers • School/Undergraduate / Postgraduate Students • Academia Representatives (Vice-Chancellors/ • Educational Heads of Departments • Teaching Professionals / Lecturers • Parents • School/ College/ University Counselors & Advisers • Senior Academic Student Support Staff • Education Consultants • Providers of Educational Assessment Systems & • Service providers in Education Software • Language Centers • Research & Development Professionals • Business Development/ Marketing Managers • Government Representatives & Policy Makers • Public / Private Sector Working Professionals • Media • General Public • University Alumni Clubs
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Exhibitors Profile • International Universities & Colleges • Master’s & Doctorate (PHD) Providers • Educational Services Providers • Scholarship Providers • Local / Regional Colleges & Universities • Education Technology Products & Service Providers • Higher Education Ministries of Different Countries • Continuing Education Providers • Distance and On-Line Education Learning Providers • Career / Education Guidance Service Providers • Student Recruitment Agencies • National Agencies for promotion of Higher Education • Government Bodies • Embassies & Consulates • Academic & Research Organizations
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09-11 April 2016 30 Oct.-01 Nov. 2016

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