International Franchise Seoul 2018(IFS)

2018-03-01 - 2018-03-03
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IFS is the premier franchise show with the longest history in Korea for franchise enthusiasts seeking a full, five-sense experience. This high-value event gives franchisors access to the best franchise brands from multiple industries, including F&B, retail and services. It also connects them to emerging commercial trends and the latest market information, delivering qualified buyers and fostering optimal networking. Since its launch in 1996, IFS has built a wide and impressive catalogue of participating franchisers and franchisees. Boasting exhibition and attendance from both domestic and international brands, IFS has become the destination for Korea’s entrepreneurs, business owners, and franchisees. IFS is an ideal opportunity to promote your brand to potential franchisees in a premier, well-respected business arena
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IFS’s exclusive Biz Matching program offers visitors, potential franchisees, and entrepreneurs the chance to be paired with key players in the franchising industry for business meetings. Those interested in launching a franchise or expanding their business abroad will have the opportunity to meet like-minded companies and individuals face-to-face. IFS organizers use their extensive network to select only business partners most qualified and serious industry players, while providing a special 1:1 Biz-Matching Lounge and translation assistance.
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Exhibitor Profile: • Cafes / Bakeries • Bars / Pubs • Fast Food Restaurants • Chicken / Pizza Restaurants • Other Restaurants • Convenience Stores • Stationery Stores • General Stores • Organic Products / Nutritional Supplements • Cosmetics • Educational Services • Leisure Services • Cleaning Services • IT Services • Facilities / Equipment

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Business success — you may think it’s all about the bottom line, but savvy CEOs like those at Apple, Starbucks and IKEA know otherwise. Although profits play a big role, it’s also important for companies to be socially responsible by considering their impact on the environment, their local economy and their customers. One way that companies can practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) is by incorporating it into company events.