International Society of Arboriculture - ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show 2017

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ISA Trade Show Coordinator
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+1 (217) 766-1044
The ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show has been held for more than 90 years. The first gathering, The National Shade Tree Conference, was held in 1924 in Stamford, Connecticut, US with only 33 people in attendance. Today the conference each year serves an average of 1500-2000 practicing arborists from around the world. Not only has attendance grown, but events have been added to the overall conference agenda such as the International Tree Climbing Championship which was first introduced in 1976 at the conference in St. Louis, MO. Other opportunities such as TREE Fund activities to support research, workshops, and other expanded educational opportunities have enhanced the conference going experience for ISA members and credential holders.
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Visit the trade show and see the latest tree equipment, diagnostics tools, herbicide and fertilizers, climbing gear, and professional goods and services.
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2018 4-8 August 2018: Columbus, Ohio, USA 2019 10-14 August 2019: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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