Iran Mining Technology Summit 2017

2017-07-11 - 2017-07-12
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Project Director
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Mahesh +971 55 1117924
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+971 55 1117924
MT - Iran Mining Technology Summit is the first and strategically timed event which will bring together world class suppliers, solution providers and leading stakeholders in the mining sector on an exclusive platform to benchmark latest technologies that are empowering the mining industry with efficiency, safety and profitability. The Summit will bring to the forefront, cutting edge technologies that are spearheading innovation in the mining industry. The only way to improve productivity is through mechanization of all processes and optimal automation of mining equipment. Mechanization not only increases efficiency, it also boosts mine safety through technologies that take workers away from the most dangerous areas.The Event will give an insight into state of the art technologies implemented by the industry that go even beyond automation to optimizing your business processes and increasing value of your investments. The IMT Summit will also give an opportunity to discuss strategic issues associated with the industry and technology adoption. There will be interactive panel discussions and case studies to better understand how the world’s leading mines are embracing mine automation and other innovative technologies.
Attendee information
Why Attend: -- A 360 degree understanding of upcoming technologies and how they are helping companies increase the production efficiency in an ever changing and competitive market. -- Clear understanding on the interdependence of safety and automation. -- Generate alternate sources of revenue through Intellectual Property protection. -- Benefit from facilitated networking sessions to connect with mining and technology experts. -- Gain insights from the world leading experts in technological and innovative advancements in mining. -- Learn global best practise and technologies, which shapes the overall production outcome.

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