ISAF Smart Home

Smart, secure and cozy solutions for buildings!
2015-09-17 - 2015-09-20
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Please contact Antexpo, Int'l Marketing and Sales Partner of the event, for more information. ANTEXPO Barbaros Mah. Ören Sok. Deluxia Palace No:5 Kat:2 D:68 Batı Ataşehir / İSTANBUL Tel: +90 216 541 03 90 Fax: +90 216 541 03 89
All “construction electronics products and building automation systems” that make our lives easy and cozy are being exhibited at International ISAF Smart Home Exhibition that is being held for the 4th time.
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ISAF Smart Home – Target Visitor •Building-Construction Sector •Building Contractor Companies, Contractors •Electricity Contractor Companies •Mechanical Installation Contractor Companies •Cooperative Associations •Architects and Engineers •Interior Architects and Decoration Companies •Banks, Financial Institutions •Shopping Centers, Business Centers •Retail Industry, Building Markets •Large Industrial Institutions and Companies •Holdings, Large-Scale Companies •Tourism, Accommodation, Entertainment Sector •Food-Beverage and Entertainment Centers •Educational Institutions, Universities •Public Bodies •Consulates, Embassies, Commercial Attaches •Chambers of Commerce and Industry •Industrial Estates Regional Directorates •Security Systems Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Computer and Consumable Materials Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Telecommunication Systems Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Electricity, Electronics Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Automation Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Satellite System Sector Companies (Manufacturer, Retailer, Vendor, Installer) •Sector Associations •Other (Exhibitor Requests)
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The positive responses that we receive for ISAF Smart Home Exhibition that we have designed to meet the expectations and demands of the sector and our visitors within ISAF which has been regularly participated in for years by companies that provide a notable part of the products whose use increase on daily basis prove that our exhibition has an enormous potential for growth. •All new structures have smart home systems, •All new facilities have automation systems, •With the developing technology, products that makes our life cozy to get more area in our lives, developing parallel with the market growing at 4th International ISAF Smart Home Exhibition; •To meet with the almost all current ISAF visitors about smart home products, •To meet with new third party that you are not acquainted with visiting the ISAF, respond those visitors seeking new products, •To establish new collaborations and finding a chance to meet new market and new projects, •Not to miss the excitement of capturing a new market in the exhibitions of the year, you should take your place. ISAF Smart Home – Exhibiting Products & Services •Smart Home Systems •Lighting Control Systems •Home Appliances Control Systems •Home Cabling and Network Setup •Door and Window Control Systems •Center / Long Distance Control Systems •Building Automation System •Emergency Lighting Systems •Lighting Control Systems •Computer Automation Software •Operations and Management Systems •Kiosks, Routing Systems •Curtain and Window Systems •Multimedia and Broadcast Systems •Air Conditioning Systems •Garage and Parking Systems •Transportation Systems •Security Systems •Security Control Systems •Identification, Access Control Systems •Automatic Doors and Accessories •Fire Protection Systems •Fire Detection and Alarm Systems •Fire Extinguishing Systems •Smoke control and evacuation systems •Water and Water Facilities Management •Water Tank Monitoring and Control Unit •Water Consumption Analysis •Irrigation Systems •Energy Management Systems •Switches, Sockets •Electrical Accessories and Supplies •Electricity and Electrical Products •Power Consumption Analysis •Power Supply, Generator, Tools and Testers •Control Panel and Equipment •Lightning Protection, Grounding and Lightning Rods •Pool Automation •Pool Lighting Systems •Pool Heating Systems •Pool Cleaning Systems •Pool Alarm Systems •Timers •Network and Communication Systems •Generic Cabling System

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