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With future combat environments growing in diversity and unknowns, the demand for realism in training is greater now than ever before. Critical challenges in making training as authentic and demanding as possible to create a robust representation of the physical, mental and ethical challenges on the battlefield must be crucial for any land forces to win in a complex world. For all areas within land forces, such as for the dismounted soldier, manned and unmanned vehicles, and fire support, traditional training, multinational exercises and simulation systems are growing in importance to optimise the effectiveness, efficiency and interoperability of individual nations and their allies. With that in mind, the SMi Group are delighted to announce the 8th Annual Land Forces Simulation and Training 2017 conference, where we will bring together the most senior simulation and training experts to debate, share information and network with likeminded peers and industry partners.
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Who should attend: Military leadership overseeing: • Army Training • Simulation • Live training • Future capability development • Defence research Solution providers currently developing: • Soldier training systems • Simulation hardware and software • Live training equipment • Networked training • Consultancy

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