LIBYA ENERGY - International Energy, Infrastructure and Building-Construction Conference & Exhibition

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Energy Suppliers and Providers Independent Power Producers, Local Authorities, Oil & Gas Exploration, Production & Distribution, Oil & Gas Processing & Refinery Pipelines, Renewable Energy Developers, State Utilities, Agents and Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers. Energy Users in Business, Industry and Public Sector Air Conditioning & Refrigerators Offices, Army/ Police, Auto Parts, Components & Automobile Assemblers, Retail units, Hotels, Sports and Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Healthcare/ Hospitals, Cosmetic, Pharmachem, Food and Agri, Mining, Iron, Steel, Metal and Machine Manufacturers, Forestry and Timber, Electronics, Local Authorities, Third Level Institutions, Waste and Water Pumping, Small and Medium Enterprises, Plastic & Rubber, Printing & Packing, Pulp & Paper,Textile & Garment, Leather & Footwear, Petrochemical, Furniture. Building Design and Development Professionals Architects, Building/Consulting Engineers, Development Companies, Plant Owners and Operators, Building & Construction, Engineering, Consultant Service, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors. Related Interests Banks and Financial Institutions, Environmental NGOs. Education Institutes, Government Agencies.

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Oil&Gas Oilfield, Gasfield Equipment & Services, Refining, Processing & Petrochemicals, Transportation & Pipelines, Measurement & Automation, Technologies, Tools & electro – power equipment, Retail, gas station equipment Reservoir monitoring & testing, Reservoir engineering, Exploration & Production LNG, Geophysıcs & Geology, Drilling & Well Servicing, Fluid mechanisms & oil - recovery process, Gas technology, Facilities engineering, Construction, Software, Health & safety environment, Security. Power Power Stations, Power Plant Equipment, High Voltage Transmission, Distribution Networks, Switchgear Products, Transformers, Diagnostic Equipment, Monitoring and Control, Portable Generators, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Supplies, Switches and Controls, Cables and Wiring, Power Protection. Lighting Chandeliers, Ornamental Fittings, Concealed Fittings, Display Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Large Area Lighting, Residential Lighting, Antique Fittings, Modern Fittings, Garden and Outdoor Lighting, Flood Lighting, Security Lighting, Street Lighting, Switches & Controls. Renewable Energy Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy, Biofuels, Subsoil Heat Energy, Wind Energy. Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Central Units, Instrumentation & Controls, District Cooling Technology, Ducting Systems, Components and Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Refrigeration and Cooling, Industrial Fans, Vents and Grills, Large Capacity Food Storage, Supermarket, Hotel & Restaurant Refrigeration, Engineering Cooling, Process Cooling Systems.

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