2016-03-30 - 2016-04-02
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Intan Eidayu
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MIHAS - WORLD'S LARGEST HALAL TRADE FAIR The Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) is a home-grown initiative that has attracted the world’s attention. The premier trade show made its debut in 2004 and quickly became the world’s largest Halal marketplace. Since its inauguration, MIHAS has congregated approximately 170,000 visitors from 70 nations, 4,000 companies from 48 countries and generated more than USD3 billion in sales. Organised annually by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), MIHAS provides a value-adding platform that promotes cross-border economic investments and business partnerships. MIHAS plays host to around 500 local and international businesses from more than 20 countries and attracts thousands of trade visitors, buyers and investors from all over the world annually. The world-class exhibition is dubbed the largest gathering of Halal industry players and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the lucrative global Halal market, which is currently valued at USD2.3 trillion. As an international trade fair that caters specifically for the global Halal market, MIHAS has a strong following of loyal exhibitors and visitors, and is seen as a dynamic platform to trade and network, showcase innovative new Halal products and services, discover the latest trends in the global Halal market and share information and experiences. The Incoming Buying Mission (IBM), a much anticipated programme by the business community, is held annually alongside MIHAS to encourage trade and investment through business matching meetings between international businesses and local companies. IBM creates tangible business opportunities and strategic partnerships that contribute significantly to the development of the global Halal market and economy. MIHAS continues to be a leading event in the global Halal industry. Exhibitors, trade visitors and buyers describe their experience at MIHAS as highly rewarding and valuable; and they look forward to coming back to the trade show year-after-year. Today, Halal is a global phenomenon and MIHAS is the place to experience it!
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MIHAS is a must visit for: – Manufacturers – Import and Export – Distributors and Wholesalers – Retailers – Suppliers – Hypermarket & Supermarket – Hoteliers and Restaurateurs – Department Stores – Groceries and Convenience Stores – Professionals – Investors – Financial Services Industry – Banking Institutions – Government Institutions – Business & Trade Associations – Halal Certification Bodies – Islamic Associations – Agents – Media
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Food & beverages, meat, poultry, seafood products, Halal certified organic products, raw food materials, food chemicals, emulsifiers and ingredients, additives, canned foods, processed and ready-to-eat products, preserved fruit and vegetable products, grains and nuts, agricultural & grocery products, chocolate and dairy products, confectionery, biscuits, pastries, snacks and candies, health supplements and multivitamins, pharmaceutical and herbal products. Halal Certified Premises, Perfumery, toiletries, cosmetics, body care, Islamic Investment, Banking & Takaful, Government Agencies & Associations, Food Packaging, Machinery & Catering Equipment

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