MEDEXCON'16 Health Exhibition & Congress

Healthcare industry comes together with Public Sector!
2016-10-04 - 2016-10-07
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MEDEXCON’16 Health Exhibiton & Congress opens it’s doors again between 04-07 October 2016 in capital city of Turkey ANKARA where the heart of beurocracy. Turkey has a population of 81 million people and is a growing market for medical technologies and healthcare services. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is the largest provider of healthcare and the only public provider of preventive services in Turkey. Turkish medical equipment market is approximately $3 billion and has been growing at the rate of 5-10% every year since 2002. 90% of the products used are imported. There are 1,453 hospitals and 194,000 hospital beds operating in Turkey. 840 of these hospitals are built and operated by the MoH and are known as ‘state hospitals’. These hospitals constitute 57% of the current hospital stock and 62% of current hospital bed capacity in Turkey. There are 503 ‘private hospitals’ and 65 ‘university hospitals’ MEDEXCON’16 Health Exhibition & Congress has been supported by Turkish Ministery of Health itself. We bring the government bodies representative and private healthcare sector decision makers together for boosting the growing rate of Turkish Healthcare Market. MEDEXCON’16 also has a unique congress sections which will discuss about Turkish Healthcare Market’s issues such as; - Current situation and future vision of healthcare sector, - Referral Chain and Practicability in TURKEY, - Women touch in Health Sector, - Private Healthcare Sector Presenter Agreement, Health Sector Application and Medical Materials. Book your place in the booming Turkish Healthcare Market and meets the market indicators of healthcare sector.

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