2020-02-27 - 2020-02-29
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The resounding big success of Metal & Steel Middle East in its 10th anniversary alongside with FABEX Middle East has positioned as a trusted gateway for steel, steel fabrication and metal works industry in the Middle East.

​The exhibition is entering into its 11th edition, will continue providing a perfect platform for suppliers, steel manufacturers & machinery companies to showcase their products, innovative technologies, production scenarios and large scale machinery to key players in the steel and metal industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

​In 2020, it will have concurrent extensive seminar programme "THE Steel Day" to have Better NETWORKING SHARING among the manufacturing industry, machinery and technology marketers. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to drive your business forward into the future of the industry and become a regional market leader.

​Whatever your role in the industry, there is a space for you at Metal & Steel / FABEX that will place your products and services, technologies and ideas in front of an engaged audience with real buying power.

Attendee information


  • Iron & Steel.

  • Metal Working & Machinery Tool

  • Engineering.

  • Building & Construction

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical.

  • Automobile industry.

  • Aerospace industry.

  • Cement Industry.

  • Power and Electricity.

  • Defense and Army.

  • many others.

Exhibitor information

Exhibitor's Profile:

Steel & Metal Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Iron & Steel manufacturers (Plates, belts, bars, coiled etc….)

  • Steel Structures

  • Sheet Metal

  • Pipes and Tubes

  • Stainless Steel

  • Wire, Cables

  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal production

Machinery & Technology for Steel & Metal Manufacturing

  • ​Automation & Instrumentations.
  • Energy Conservation.

  • Engineering and Design.

  • Environment protection.

  • Filtration & Separation.

  • Induction Furnace and Heat Treatment.

  • Nano-Technologies.

  • Palletisation.

  • Project Management & Consultation.

  • Pumps & Valves.

  • Quality control.

  • Refractories.

  • Safety Equipment & Technology.

  • Scientific Research & Development.

  • Scrap Collecting and Recycling.

  • Sintering.

  • Smelting and Refining.

  • Data and Software technology.

  • CAD/CAM systems.

  • Gas Generation (Inert and Reaction gas., Regeneration Included).

  • Adhesives and Recycling.

Services, information and communication

  • Service and information

  • Engineering and consultancy offices

  • Maintenance and refurbishment of machines

  • Research and development

  • Education and training

  • Associations, institutions

  • Specialist publishing houses

  • Investment financing/leasing

Metallurgical Equipments & Technology

  • Foundry Machinery & Technology.

  • Welding Equipment &Technology.

  • Rolling Mill equipment’s.

  • Ancillary equipment and spare parts.

Metal Working Machinery & Technology

  • Bearing & Shafts.

  • Cutting, CNC, Shaping, Bending & Welding.

  • Extrusion, Drilling.

  • Sawing, Grinding.

  • Finished products, components, assemblies.

  • Flexible sheet metal working.

  • Forging, Casting equipment and accessories.

  • Forming, Drawing.

  • Foundry Engineering.

  • Furnace and Heat Treatment.

  • Gears, Motors & Compressors.

  • Joining, fastening.

  • Lapping.

  • Laser Cladding

  • Lubricants.

  • Machine Tools and Dies.

  • Polishing.

  • Spray Painting Systems

  • Surface Treatment & Corrosion Technology.

  • Tube / Section processing

  • Vibrator De-burring Machines & Consumables.

  • Mechanical and hydraulic machines.

Machinery & Technology for Mineral Mining & Processing

  • Communication System & Technology.

  • Conveyor Belting & Components.

  • Cranes, Forklift & Trucks.

  • Drilling and Crushing.

  • Earth Moving Equipment and accessories.

  • Environment & Geology and Mining Related Services.

  • Fans and Dust Collectors.

  • Locomotives, Lubricants & Greases.

  • Mines Safety Equipment.

  • Process Control Systems.

  • Rock Drilling Equipment.

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