METRANSLOG - Middle East Transport and Logistics Exhibition

METRANSLOG - Middle East Transport and Logistics Exhibition
2016-09-05 - 2016-09-07
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ME-TRANSLOG is supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which is spearheading the modernization of Oman’s transport and logistics infrastructure. It is also supported by various government, public and private sector stakeholders who contribute to the growth and continued success of this pivotal industry. This event aims to create synergy and strengthen the collaboration between the authorities and the industries. ME-TRANSLOG will be a mega event where local, regional and international exhibitors will showcase latest technologies, best practices, pioneering research, advanced trends, and innovative products and solutions, to meet the requirements of governments, businesses, industrial and commercial entities, aviation, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, oil and gas and utilities sectors, for more ef client and even faster Transport and Logistics services. The event is designed to meet the supply and demand of the market, by bringing the manufacturers, integrators, distributors, and service providers to capitalize on the expanding market and boost momentum across the entire sector. As the only industry focused exhibition, ME-TRANSLOG will attract professionals and decision makers from across the transportation and logistics sector. The event is an important trade fair for networking and interactions with government of cials, key decision makers, industry executives, contractors, consultants, service providers, nanciers, and other stakeholders making it an impetus business oriented networking platform.
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3PLs and 4PLs Operators, Academia, Architects, BCO - Beneficial Cargo Owners, Border Control, Civil Aviation Authorities, Civil Defense, C-Levels (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, etc.), Coast Guards, Concessionaires, Consultants and Researchers, Custom Officials, Customs Officials, Decision Makers, Developers, Engineers, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Fleet Managers, Food Exporters and Importers, Free Zone Authorities, Freight Forwarders, Government Officials and Representatives, Heads of Safety and Security, High Ranking Police Officials, HSE Officers, Immigration Officers, Importers and Exporters, Industry Leaders, Infrastructure Design Consultants, Investors, Law Enforcement Personnel, Logistics and Supply Chain Managers, Maintenance Managers, Media, MNC - Multi National Companies, Municipality Authorities, Offshore and Oil Rig Companies, Press and Media, Procurement Managers, Project Managers, Purchase Managers, Road and Rail Authorities, Road and Rail Consultants, Service Providers, Shipping Companies, Stakeholders, Tender Managers, Trade Organisations, Traffic Departments, Transport Authorities, Transport Policy Makers, Urban and Rural Developers, Urban Transport Consultants, Vendors, Warehouse Owners and Managers, Wholesalers and Retailers
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Transport, Logistics, Cargo and Supply Chain, Storage, Warehousing and Materials Handling, Special Economic Zones and Free Trade Zones, Oil and Gas - Transportation, Storage and Handling, ICT Solutions, Safety and Security,

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