National Occupational and Process Safety Conference & Exhibition 2016

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The National Occupational and Process Safety Conference features an overview of safety challenges and issues affecting refineries and petrochemical plants.The Exhibition, held as part of the conference, gives attendees the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives of companies offering a variety of safety-related services to the refining and petrochemical industries.The culmination of the meeting is the Safety Awards Reception and Banquet held on the final evening of the conference. This event celebrates and honors the industry's excellent safety achievements. Be sure to purchase your tickets for this event when you register.The Board of Certified Safety Professionals will grant CSP Continuance of Certification (COC) points for attendance at the National Occupational and Process Safety Conference without pre-approval. The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) grants certification maintenance (CM) points.
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Industry safety managers, engineers and experts are expected to attend the conference.
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This conference features an overview of safety challenges and issues affecting refineries and petrochemical plants. It assembles 400 individuals from industry and government agencies with responsibility for health/safety, safety procedures, training, fire protection, emergency response, incident reviews, safety regulations, and safety management. Leading industry experts share valuable insights to promote safety and accident prevention through general session presentations, workshops, and discussion groups. Each workshop track has a collection of presentations, discussion forums, and question and answer sessions. This conference provides attendees an excellent opportunity to increase their safety knowledge, share best practices, and network with industry experts.Conference sessions are not held during official exhibit hall hours so that attendees can dedicate their time and focus?to doing business on the show floor.? The exhibition encompasses 4.5 hours of unopposed show time scheduled during lunch and late afternoon reception hours to encourage traffic flow to the hall. Complimentary food and beverage service is provided in the hall.The conference is a 2-day program consisting of a general session and workshop/discussion groups.? Exhibitors are encouraged to attend the workshops and discussion share their expertise and experiences.

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