Network Centric Warfare conference 2020

2020-02-03 - 2020-02-04
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SMi is proud to present the 4th annual Network Centric Warfare conference, taking place in Rome on the 3rd and 4th February 2020.

The modern battlespace requires agile, dynamic forces able to act with speed and precision. Militaries are increasingly equipped to do so by harnessing cutting-edge network technology to exploit an information advantage. By linking shooters, commanders and sensors in a fully networked environment, militaries can streamline decision-making, enhance situational awareness and increase mission effectiveness.

The Network Centric Warfare conference is designed to enable programme managers, military professionals and industry experts to discuss and explore the latest developments, technology and opportunities across the world. Given the critical need for seamless interoperability between allied forces and the nature of NCW as a force multiplier, attendees will gain valuable information for optimising their network capabilities both internally and in coalition.


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Benefits of Attending:

  • At the only event with a focus on the Italian Army’s Forza NEC programme, meet and network with the senior leadership of the Italian Army including the Chief of Army Staff and Commander Logistics Command
  • Hear from programme managers from across the world, such as the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Canada, France and Estonia
  • Explore opportunities and initiatives for greater interoperability between allied forces and meet senior military leaders from NATO, the Federated Mission Network Initiative and the EU CIS Group
  • Discover cutting-edge network technology from industry, military R&D and academia

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