Next-Generation Defense Energy Systems & Technologies

2015-03-17 - 2015-03-18
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The Department of Defense continues to be the largest single acquirer and user of energy and energy systems and technologies in the world. While most continue to be petroleum and petroleum-based products, there is also a steadily growing market for alternative energies. In addition, DoD and the Services are investing heavily in new technologies to improve energy efficiency and management, whether at fixed installations or in the deployed, mobile environment. This outstanding symposium brings together the government and industry experts who are paving the way for the next-generation of defense energy capabilities. They will examine current and future DoD and Service energy strategies and roadmaps, status and forecast for major energy initiatives, and how to develop, finance and manage defense-industry energy partnerships.
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How are future DoD and Service energy needs evolving? What are current and future DoD and Service strategies and master plans? What role will DOE play? How do fixed vs. mobile requirements vary? What plans and technologies are being developed to meet future mobile, tactical energy requirements? What new energy sources are being developed? How will DoD balance petroleum usage against new biofuels, fuel cells, solar, advanced battery and other potential “alternative” fuels? What new tools and technologies are being developed to improve energy efficiency? What are the emerging lessons learned from Net-Zero, smart grid, and other energy test bed initiatives? How do you develop DoD-Industry energy partnerships? Perform risk assessments? Create realistic financing scenarios?
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