Next-Generation ISR

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The need for more and better ISR assets now permeates government planning across a broad range of critical missions, including but not limited to: Persistent Global Surveillance & Global Strike, Counter-intelligence & Counter-terrorism, Maritime Domain Awareness, Space Defense,Anti-Access and the Contested Global Commons. From the Middle East to the increasingly tumultuous Asia-Pacific region and even home to CONUS, the need for a diverse and evolving leap-ahead Next Generation ISR Technology is paramount to counter increasingly sophisticated threats. This outstanding two day Next Generation ISR Symposium will assemble the Key Organizations and Senior Leading ISR Experts who are defining requirements and shaping the direction of future automated ISR capabilities for the services and public service sectors. The symposium will focus on identifying the most urgent automation needs and determining how to arrive at the best solutions, on a mission-by-mission basis.
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What are the Latest OSD and Service ISR Strategies, Roadmaps, Needs and New Initiatives? What roles will automation play? What are the Crucial Gaps in Providing Actionable Intelligence to Decision Makers and the Warfighter? How do we disseminate multi-sensor data fusion across organizations and platforms? What are Needs & Challenges for Integrating All-Source Intelligence to meet future Robust Intelligence Production Requirements? What Roles will Unmanned Aircraft Platforms Play? What are the Latest Requirements, Trends and Capabilities for Automating Sensor and Imagery collection, processing, analysis and dissemination? What New Approaches are Emerging for Next Generation ISR Missions in Homeland Security, Special Operations and C2ISR?
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