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2014-02-16 - 2014-02-19
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Attendee Testimonials
“Overall, I felt that this was an invaluable trip. Thanks for offering the opportunity to find great resources at awesome prices. It was a great show and I will see you  in February 2013.”
--Anne Michel, (She doesn’t have a name for her store just yet)
“I’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop for women’s apparel and accessories. At the OFFPRICE Show, I found three vendors that interest me greatly. I plan on visiting their showrooms as soon as I can! It took me over two years to find this treasure!”
--Grace Templin, Hairshop International, Kenya
“The OFFPRICE Show was amazing! So much to choose from, and the vendors and staff were extremely helpful. Worth the trip no matter who your target customer is - outstanding prices and quality merchandise.  We will be back every time!!
p.s. Who wouldn't want to go to Vegas?!? Just an extra bonus, but we would come no matter where you are!”
--Kathy Haynicz, Jersey Guys Menswear, Williamstown, N.J.
“I came to the OFFPRICE Show for the first time, looking to expand into more fashionable apparel. I found a variety of goods which was very helpful. The show was excellent and the layout was great. I look forward to the February show.”
--Bob Yehling, Harps, Springdale, Ark.
“I was pleased that the exhibitors were friendly and took into account that I was an international buyer. I will definitely make time to attend the OFFPRICE Show as often as possible.”
--Jaana Ylitalo, JZone, Finland


What is off price?
Who can say it better than Wikipedia?  According to their official site, “Off-price retailers sell clothing and accessories from major-label brands to non-branded goods at a significant discount. These companies take advantage of overruns, canceled orders, and forecasting mistakes made by their counter-parts in the full-price retail sector. When a designer or manufacturer produces more clothing than it can sell through specialty retailers or department stores, or a store can't move all of the items in a particular line, the excess inventory is sold at a 20%-60% discount to an off-price retailer. The company passes these savings onto consumers, marking up goods by a lower percentage than full-price stores and instead building their operating margins by moving a high volume of inventory quickly, at rock-bottom prices.”

The OFFPRICE Show serves the retail industry with dynamic order-writing trade shows that connect apparel retail buyers of all sizes with the leading off-price specialists in 20-70 percent below wholesale apparel, accessories, footwear and more.

The show is an important piece of Fashion Week in Las Vegas every February and August. With nearly 500 exhibitors and more than 1,200 booths it is the largest off-price show in the country. Over 10,000 industry professionals attended the OFFPRICE Show in August 2013.

Who Attends

Retailers of all shapes and sizes from locations across the country and around the world all know the incredible values found throughout the show floor. Find out who attends the OFFPRICE Show and find out how it can be a valuable resource for your retail store.


Find out what other attendees have to say about their OFFPRICE Show experience by reading their testimonials.

Find Products 20-70% Below Wholesale Prices

The OFFPRICE Show Buyer Relations team is dedicated to making your show experience rewarding. Tell us what you need for your business by filling out this short wishlist and one of our experienced team members will contact you with information on exhibitors that carry what you need, 20-70% below wholesale prices.

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Attendee information

Who Attends the OFFPRICE Show?

Retailers of all shapes and sizes from locations across the country and around the world all know the incredible values found throughout the show floor. National chains, boutique stores, new businesses, and more all shop OFFPRICE each February and August. Below is an sampling of the type of retail stores that attend cast a wide reaching net:

Where do OFFPRICE buyers come from?

Industry professionals from all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico attend each OFFPRICE Show. But the show’s reach doesn’t stop there. Buyers travel from around the world to find the best values under one roof. Just some of the countries represented at the show include:

Argentina  |  Bolivia  |  Brazil  |  Venezuela  |  Canada  |  Mexico  |  Costa Rica  |  Honduras  |  Panama  |  Aruba  |  Barbados  |  Haiti  |  Jamaica  |  St. Kitts  |  Dominican Republic  |  Virgin Islands  |  Belgium  |  Croatia  |  Finland  |  France  |  Germany  |  Greece  |  Hungary  |  Ireland  |  Italy  |  Norway  |  Poland  |  Portugal  |  Spain  |  UK  |  Sweden  |  China  |  Hong Kong  |  India  |  Israel  |  Japan  |  Lebanon  |  Philippines  |  Taiwan  |  Egypt  |  Morocco  |  South Africa  |  Australia  |  Guam  |  New Zealand

Register to become an attendee at the OFFPRICE Show here.

Exhibitor information

The OFFPRICE Show and on-line properties are exclusively for off-price specialists and jobbers. The OFFPRICE Specialist definition of a jobber is a merchant who purchases off-price merchandise and warehouses the merchandise for the purpose of resale to the retail trade.

Management recognizes that in the areas of CAPS, NOVELTIES, ACCESSORIES, BELTS, UNDERWEAR, FURNISHINGS, HOSIERY, AND SMALL LEATHER GOODS, off-price specialists in this segment may source goods at wholesale to resell. The determining factor to be eligible under this criterion is that your business caters to the off-price retail industry.

Some companies may be eligible as an off-price specialist. The determining factor of the eligibility is that the merchandise must be sold at a substantially under-market price or closeout prices. The off-price specialist cannot be the manufactuer and the merchandise sold must not have the continuity of a branded line of merchandise. You must be in business for a minimum of 2 consecutive years to be considered as an exhibitor at the OFFPRICE show. Finally, it must be sold to the off-price retailer.

For questions and more information on eligibility, contact David Lapidos from the OFFPRICE Show at 201-783-3200.

Hotel Room Requirement: Exhibitors must fulfill a 4 night commitment at the Venetian / Palazzo.

Interested exhibitors should fill out our Exhibitor Application. For questions or further information on exhibiting and pricing, please call Kevin Redlich at 262-754-6937 or Pam Dillon at 262-754-6927.

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