PDMEX 2017

The Philippines’ Largest and Focused Machinery Exhibition
2017-08-23 - 2017-08-26
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August 26– 11:00am – 7:00 pm - Opening Ceremony August 27–28 11:00am – 7:00 pm - Exhibition Proper August 29 - 11:00am - 5:00 pm - Exhibition Proper Registration : FREE by registration only
7th Philippine Die & Mould, Machineries and Equipment Exhibition Ancillary of PDMAEC
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Aerospace Manufacturer• Automotive Manufacturer• Building Constructions• Product Design• Die & Mold Manufacturer• Electronics & Electrical Manufacturer• Electroplating • Furniture Manufacturer• Foundry• Machinery & Equipment Manufacturer• Machining Services• Metal Parts & Component Manufacturer• OEM and Sub Contractor Manufacturer• Lubricants• Metalcasting • Plastics and Packaging Manufacturers• Semiconductor & Precision Engineers• Storage and Material Handling• Associations & Government Agency• Distributors / Agents• Education and Training Institutions and other related industries
Exhibitor information
AUTOCOR 2015 -5TH Philippine Automation, Controls, Robotics, Accessories & Services Exhibition Controls, Robotics, Accessories & Services Exhibition Factory Automation, Cable/Cable System, Control Systems & Software, Process Automation, Instrumentation and Controls, Robotics, Power Plant Automation, Drives Actuator, Drive & Enterprise Networking, Bus and Wireless Technology, Building Automation, Fieldbus , Industrial PC , Industrial Ethernet, Linear Motion Control , Plant Automation & Monitoring Systems , Processutomation , SCADA/ Data Acquisition/ Data Processing , Test & Measurement , Vision System , Web-based Control- TCP/IP Networking , Pumps and Valves and other related products and services. MACHINE TOOLS 2015 – 7TH Machine Tools Machineries, Equipment, Accessories, Products and Services Exhibition Abrasive Tools & Products, Adhesive & Sealants, Analyser, Blowers & Dryers Boring / Drilling / Tapping Machines, Detectors, Sensors & Monitors, CAD / CAM, CNC Machines, Clamping Devices, CNC Air Conditioners, CNC Tools, Clean Air Systems Coiling, Compressors, Computer Applications, Control and Application Software, Control Units -Controls / Controllers, Dies Turning Machine, EDMs and Wire-Cut Machines, Electrical & Electronic Equipments for Machine Tools, Electroplating Equipment & Technology, Fasteners Hardware, Tools and Accessories, Finishing & Cutting Tools, Generators, Hand Tools, Jewellery Making Machines, Laser Cutting & Laser Systems, Lubricants & Chemicals, Machining Centers & Mills Manufacturing Systems, Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Nuts & Rivets, Precision Tools, Production, Control and Networks, Quality Control Equipments, Raw Materials, Roller Bearings, Rebuilding & Retrofitting Services, Tooling Special Purpose Machines Thread, Wireless / RFID, Work & Tool Holders and other products and services related to machine tools. METFIN 2015 – 4th Philippine Metal Finishing, Equipment, Tools, Accessories & Services Exhibition Acid Burnishing, Alkaline Burnishing Compounds, Alkaline Cleaning Compounds, Acid Descaling Compounds, Adhesive & Sealants, Aluminum Oxide, Blasting Equipment, Broaching & Shaping Machines, Cleaning Devices & Clean Air Systems, Compounds & Chemicals, Die Casting Machines, Die Sets & Casting, Electroplating , Glass Beads, Gear Cutting, Grinding Equipment, Forming & Finishing Machines, High Speed Centrifugal Barrels, High Speed Centrifugal Disk, Industrial Washer Chemistry, Industrial Washing Equipment, Inhibiting Compounds, Medias, Multi-Pass Vibratory Finishers, Non-Chelating Compounds, Shears Polishing & Surface Finishing Machines Precision, Paint, Plating, Polishing & Surface Finishing Machines, Powder Coating, Specialty Chemistries for Specific Needs , Table Top Equipment, Thermal Spread Coating, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Vapor Deposition, Vacuum Metalizing, Vibratory Finishing Equipment, Vibratory Tubs, Waste Treatment and other related products and services. METROLOGY 2015 –5TH Philippines Measuring Tools, Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition Analytical Instruments, Angle Measuring Devices, Automation Test, Balancing & Analysis Systems, Calibration Equipment, Equipment for diagnostics and non-destructive control, Density Testing Apparatus, Dimensional Measuring Devices, Fatigue & Strength Testing Equipment, Gauges, Indicators & Comparators Precision Measuring Instrument, High-precision equipment, machines and robotics, Meters, Probes, Sensors & Electrodes, Mould Tooling Design, Balancing Systems, Laboratory and analytical equipment, Material Testing Equipment, Moulds & Mould Standards, Non-Contact Measuring Equipment, Optical Measuring & Testing Devices, Colour Testing Equipment, Plastics Moulding Machines, Coordinated Measuring Equipment, Precision Gauges, Indicators & Comparators, Precision Measurement Software, Profile Measurement & Projectors, , Shape, Surface & Hardness Testing & Measurement, Inventory Control and Logistics Systems, Supplies Dimensional Measuring Devices, Surface Roughness Testers, Test Rigs, and other Materials Testing Instruments. OUTSOURCING AND ENGINEERING 2015- 5TH Outsourcing and Process Engineering Services Exhibition Chemical Handling, Dispensing, Transportation & Storage, Design Engineering Services, Environmental Management, Fluid & Power Handling, Heat Transfer Management, Humidity Moisture Management, Instrumentations, Material Handling and Storage, Process Control Systems, Rebuilding & Retrofitting Services, Valve, Pipes & Fittings, Waste Disposal & Management and subcontracting and outsourcing services. PHILPLAS 2015- 4th Philippine Plastics, Machinery, Equipment Tools, Accessories, Raw Materials, Products and Services Exhibition Machinery and Equipment-Auxiliary / Ancillary equipment, Ecology friendly processing technologies, Extruders & Extrusion lines, Injection & Blow Moulding, Finishing, decorating, printing & marking, Welding, Foam, reactive or reinforce resins, Preprocessing, recycling, Measuring, control & test equipment, Moulds & dies, Parts & components, Post processing machines, Presses and other related machinery, tools and equipment Raw Materials-Additives, Adhesive & glues, Coating compounds, Fillers, Foams & intermediates, Glass reinforced plastics, Paint resins, Polymeric materials, Raw and auxiliary materials (catalysts, stabilizers, modifying, foaming and filling agents, pigments), Reinforcing fibres & materials, Rubber & synthetic fibers, Synthetic resins, Starting materials & intermediates, Thermoplastics & thermoplastic elastomers, Thermo sets and other materials use for molding and plastic products. PHILWELD 2015 – 4th Philippine Welding Equipment Tools and Accessories Exhibition Equipment and systems for welding, thermal cutting, soldering, brazing, thermal spraying, heat treatment, Coating methods, Welding materials and production of welding materials, Welding equipment and systems for industrial robots, Measuring apparatus, process control systems and monitoring installations, testing, data processing, Destructive and non-destructive testing, Materials and accessory ware for manufacture of electric welding equipment, Personal protective and environmental equipment, Research and technology, personal training, quality testing and other related products and services. SHEET METAL 2015 – 7TH Sheet Metal Machineries, Equipment, Accessories, Products and Services Exhibition Bending and Metal Forming Machines, CAD/CAM systems, data processing, Coating Technology, Cutting Machines, Environment protection & recycling, Factory and warehouse equipment, Fasteners Hardware, Tools and Accessories, Finished products, components, assemblies, Flexible sheet metal working, Forging and Rolling Machines, Forming Technology, Handling Technology, Heat Treatment & Surface Treatment Machines, IT Systems, Joining and Fastening, Materials, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, Marking & Printing Equipment, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Press Breaks, Process Control, Punching & Stamping Machines , Roll Forming Machines Tools, Safety Equipment & Environment Protection, Separation, cutting, Sheet metal, tube, sections (ferrous and non-ferrous), Sawing & Cutting Machines Saws & Saw Blades Shape, Sheet Metal, Stamping Machines, Stamping Software & Design for Manufacturing Subcontracting Software, Surface treatment of sheet metal, Testing and Measuring Instruments, Welding Technology Machines, Wire Forming Machines Control, and other products and services related to sheet metal..
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PDMEX 2017 - August 2017

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