2015-05-28 - 2015-05-31
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Gone (thankfully) are the days when the family pet dog or cat had to do with basic provisions and accessories. Today’s family pets live in an era of sheer pampered luxury compared with their predecessors. Pet owners today want only the very best for their charges. Demand for premium foods and treats is therefore a vitally important growth area. So is the accessories market, with items from coats to combs, to fashion items, all claiming their market share. Health-oriented products, too, are continuing to make their mark, some designed to cater for the longer lifespan being experienced by cats and dogs (and other pets) nowadays, as a result of better diets, general husbandry improvements and advances in medical care. And these provisions don’t end when a loved pet dies, either. Funeral services, including pet cremation centres, are expanding, as is counselling for bereaved owners. The pet sector is, indeed, undergoing important changes as it continues to evolve in tune with modern living, including the increasing pet population that is now being kept in apartments, especially in some Asian countries. Pet Asia 2013 is aiming to provide for every one of these needs at Aquarama 2013. Good Reasons to be at Pet Asia 2013: •Expand your market share in the fast-growing pet industry •Benefit from this one-stop international platform designed to meet your marketing needs •Save time and money – thousands of buyers at your doorstep over 4 days •Learn about the latest market trends in the Asian pet business •Network at the exciting sub-events catering for the pet industry

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