2017-09-20 - 2017-09-23
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Vietnam International Exhibition on Products, Equipment, Supplies for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hospital & Rehabilitation Pharmedi Vietnam, hosted by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, is annually organized by ADPEX JOINT STOCK COMPANY in cooperation with Central Health Communication & Education Centre, Vietnam Pharmaceutical Companies Association and VIMEDIMEX VN, is an important activity contributing in the foregoing. Pharmedi Vietnam demonstrates more and more reliably the role and prestige in the Health sector. After eight successful editions with scale and quality which have constantly developed, the Exhibition has been highly appreciated of experts as well as received the positive response of local and international units. With the main themes as pharmaceuticals and machinery, processing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging ? PHARMEX; Chemical products and test equipment ? ANALYTEX; Equipment and Medical instrument ? MEDEX; Equipment and supplies, High quality Medical Services ? HOSPEX; Products and equipment for aesthetic beauty ? BEAUTYCARE, the 9th Exhibition ? PHARMED & HEALTHCARE VIETNAM continues to be held on September 20th - 23rd, 2016 with 600 booths of 500 units from 30 countries and territories. The Exhibition will be great opportunities for professionals to exchange, share experiences, learn about the latest products and advance technology; providing domestic and foreign business more investment cooperation opportunities, expanding pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing and trading in Vietnam and improving domestic qualified services to serve human beings better and better.

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The visitors of Pharmed & Healthcare Vietnam will include the following: 1. Professionals from local and foreign hospitals. 2. Healthcare service provider. 3. Production. 4. Wholesale. 5. Scientific research. 6. Information, consulting services. 7. Educational establishment. 8. Doctor. 9. Scientific researcher. 10. Others.

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PHARMEX - Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical - Machinery and equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical packaging - Oriental medicine, Vietnamese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine ________________________________________ MEDEX - Hospital machinery and equipment - Surgical instruments and medical devices - Diagnostic equipment - Relief supplies - Orthopedic & physiotherapy equipment - Ophthalmic & dental equipment and instruments - Furniture and medical consumables HOSPEX High class medical services ________________________________________ ANALYTEX - Analysis - Laboratory equipment and machinery - Image processing & analysis - Applications of bio-technology - Medical technology, laboratory - Medical disposable, disposable water treatment system ________________________________________ BEAUTYCARE - Aesthetic equipment - Beauty care products - Massage and spa products, equipment ________________________________________ OTHERS - Design consultancy, teaching models - Medical information technology

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