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The?second edition of the?End of Life Plastics conference will take place from 16-18 June 2014 at the Hotel Nikko in D?sseldorf, Germany.? Waste plastics are a commercially viable source of income and a valuable resource.?What are?the best options for End of Life?Plastics???Is it recovery and mechanical recycling, energy from incineration, plastics to fuel technology,?upcycling, or chemical recycling and return to the virgin plastics??? What plastics are fully recyclable, how are they separated, what about contamination and can black plastics be identified? Are exports to Asia going to continue or are global markets becoming more self-sufficient? Each global region has concerns about waste and different regulations. Producer responsibility is a big issue and means that major brand owners and manufacturers are seeking solutions for waste recovery from packaging to automotive applications, as the targets for recovery? are increasing each year. The EU market regulations on End of Waste (EOW)) state that:?"The waste ceases to be waste when a useful and safe product is placed on the market". What is the market demand and limits on applications?for recycled polymers? Is cradle-to-cradle a viable option? What about compounding and colour options for re-used materials? And what about old plastics that contain additives that are no longer permitted?? The End of Life Plastics?2014 conference?will provide?a forum for leading corporate responsibility managers and brand owners, the plastics industry, recyclers,?R&D professionals and the technology supply chain and debate the optimum environmental solutions for managing end of life polymer materials and the market reality?and economics of each option.
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Running in conjunction with the conference, the table top exhibition is an integral part of the event, providing the ideal setting to promote your company and its products to an international audience.

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