Power and Electricity World Africa 2015

2015-03-24 - 2015-03-25
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Time: 08:00 - 17:00 Price: Early Bird - Ends 02 January 2015: ZAR 11680.00, Late Bird - 06 March 2015: ZAR 13625.00, Free Exhibition Pass: ZAR 0.00 Urls: Booking: http://atnd.it/14675-1 Website: http://atnd.it/14675-2
Africa's power sector is booming! Right now, the attention is on building power generation capacity, upgrading infrastructure, increasing energy efficiency, facilitating investment, raising funding and exploring alternative energy sources. Utilities must deliver more reliable services, invest in new technologies, and streamline operational process. And they are urgently looking to identify and evaluate solutions to meet these goals. Power and Electricity World Africa is the leading marketplace and ideas exchange for African power producers, large energy users and governments hungry for innovative solutions. It focuses on everything the power sector needs: How to ensure security of power supply How to finance major power projects How to integrate renewable energy to the grid How to expand electricity networks How to source new innovative technology to increase capacity output How to source new solutions Why Power and Electricity World Africa? Because your customers are continuously looking to increase power capacity, deliver more reliable services, invest in new technologies, and streamline operational process. The show presents a lucrative opportunity for the continent's foremost solution providers to meet new customers. And to grow their client base in Africa.
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Open to all.
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Dr Robert Stoner, Jacob Maroga, Dr Sam Amadi, Emile Opangault, Jens Thomassen

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