Russia Will Host the First Specialized Conference “INTERNET OF THINGS 2015”

Event contact first name
Tatiana Tischenko
Event contact last name
Tatiana Danilenko
Event contact telephone number
+7 495 212 11 28
According to many predictions, ‘things’ will be actively involved into business, informational and social processes. Devices would be able interact and communicate, sharing environmental information, reacting and even influencing processes happening in the environment, without any human influence. Internet of Things (IoT) is an intellectual ecosystem with human, car, home and even city interacting between themselves on the innovational level. Devices can share information, manage technological processes and control the result. IoT is different from all previous market technologies, that’s why it will not just influence our lives but change it completely, providing limitless possibilities for users, entrepreneurs and investors. There are hundreds of new things becoming available in the IoT segment on a daily basis (products, apps etc.) Analysts say that in 2015, 15bn devices would be connected, and in 2020 the number will reach 200bn. Rate of market development is limited only by the users’ will to trust a sufficient part of their lives to these smart devices and abandon the illusion of privacy forever. Aiming to discuss future prospects and possibilities that an intellectual ecosystem can provide, on March 2015, Moscow will host the first specialized conference “INTERNET OF THINGS”. “INTERNET OF THINGS” is a unique cross industrial event gathering developers, engineers, investors, startups, entrepreneurs, top managers, marketers, researchers, designers, architects and building maintenance and automation experts. The following topics will be addressed as part of the event: - smart home and smart buildings; - smartcity; - IoTineverydaylife. Lifestyle; - IoT in healthcare; - security; - IoT in business; - bigdata; - cloud services; - monetization of IoT; - future of IoT. Conference is organized by Smile Expo – leader of organizing the innovational events and developer of the first online platform for daily sharing of roboworld information.
Exhibitor information
Registration on the Conference website is already in progress. Be sure to purchase exclusive ticket only for 5,000 RUB!

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