SANS Secure Canberra 2016

2016-04-18 - 2016-04-23
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(301) 654-SANS (7267)
We are pleased to invite you to SANS Secure Canberra 2014 this March for SANS' world-class information security training. Our courses will be held over two weeks to allow you to take our new SEC480: Implementation & Auditing of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Top 4 Mitigation Strategies along with either our flagship security course or a Windows memory forensics course. For complete course descriptions click on the course name in the list below. 12-14 March: New! SEC480: Implementation & Auditing of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Top 4 Mitigation Strategies presented by SANS Fellow, Dr. Eric Cole (SEC 480) "Hands-on experimentation giving insights on the potential implementation strategies." - Swadnil Patil, SA Health "I like that SEC480 draws on real-world experience, but isn't focused only on specific products. A good blend of theory and toolsets." - Peter Hinchley, DFAT 17-21 March: FOR526: Windows Memory Forensics In-Depth with SANS Certified Instructor, Jess Garcia "All manuals should be written like those used in FOR526. Not only do you see the answers, but also now how you got there, which makes them very useful." - Barry Friedman, NY Police "Windows Memory Forensics In-Depth is a great course for someone hoping to learn the complex internals of memory. I've been hoping for these details and this is spot on." - Jason Wright, Chiron Technology Services, Inc. 17-22 March: SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style (GIAC-GSEC) presented by SANS Fellow, Dr. Eric Cole "Eric Cole is an excellent instructor. Coming into this class (SEC401) I was nervous because I wasn't sure about my technical understanding, however, Eric was easy to follow and comprehend." - M. Kristina Kaneshiro, Sandia National Laboratories "Best instructor I have ever had. Dr. Cole's energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm make the 10-hour day bearable (SEC401)." - Tom Dempsey, Exelon Corporation Put the skills you'll learn to practical use and join the GIAC certified professionals who keep the Cybersecurity industry safe! Sign up for your GIAC GSEC Certification attempt when you register for SEC401. Visit the GIAC page for more information and register for your certification attempt today! Classes will be held at the Australian National University in Canberra. Get the training you need to advance your career. Start making your training and travel plans now to join us for SANS Secure Canberra 2014!
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- Receive a discount of up to $250 for any full course paid for by Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - No refunds available after Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

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