SE-Asian Healthcare Show

It's More Than A Trade Show
2015-04-06 - 2015-04-08
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International Sales Director
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45 62 217912
Organizer, ABC Exhibitions concentrates on this one event and this is the 15th edition. The Venue, KLCC, is Asia's best, while exhibitors are provided with a complete exhibition package- leaving out the hassle of extra expenses on the show floor.
SE-Asia´s most established trade show is also its most important. Located in the most important market and strongest economy, in English speaking and sophisticated Kuala Lumpur - it is also held in Asia´s Best Venue.

The concentration is on Decision Making Visitors - a Clean and Complete Exhibitor Participation Package with concurrent Seminars-Workshops and Events.

See the Post Show Report - EVERY THING IS JUST PERFECT !
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The event is open only to Trade and Professional Visitors. The public is not allowed. TRADE VISITORS are Distributors and Manufacturers - mainly from: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. And the rest of SE-Asia. PROFESSIONALS are the end-users - Medical Staff, Officials and Healthcare Administrators. These are attracted by the wide range of Seminars & Workshops.
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The US Pavilion can be viewed at: The trade show is open to the entire healthcare industry. This includes: HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT & Supplies, Laboratory, Medical Devices, OTC and Personal Health, Rehab and HomeCare. PHARMACEUTICALS - OTC Drugs, Machinery and Packaging MEDICAL BEAUTY: OTC and wellness supplies and devices
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April 2015

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