Seattle Gift Show 2018

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1.800.318.2238 ext. 0346

The Seattle Gift Show is your one –stop shop to get a first-hand look at all the best-selling product and newest designs that are perfect for the eclectic tastes of the discerning Pacific Northwest consumer.

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A trip to the Seattle Gift Show will help you truly set your store apart.  As you walk the show floor, you’ll discover countless new designs, creative styles and regional artisans you just won’t see at other markets.  

Exhibitor information
These retailers will be represented in a broad range of categories, including:
  • Gift Stores
  • Birding/Outdoor Retailers
  • Boutiques
  • Mountain & Lodges
  • Department  Stores
  • Chain Stores
  • Fashion Accessories Stores
  • Souvenir Gift shops
  • Gourmet Retailers
  • Eco-Friendly Gift shops
  • Hospital Gift Shops
  • Independent & Specialty Stores
  • Museum/ Institutional Gift Shops
  • Destination Areas
  • And Many More!

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