Shale Gas World UK

2016-05-18 - 2016-05-19
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Shale Gas World UK is the premier meeting place for shale gas and unconventional resource stakeholders. Join us to engage with local communities and debate the prospect of shale gas exploration in the UK. Learn how to commercialise shale gas reserves, manage environmental and water management challenges, and optimise drilling and completions to maximise value. Bringing together local and national governments, local planning authorities, shale gas operators, UK onshore license holders, investors, environmental groups and service companies, Shale Gas World UK will allow you to secure the future of your shale operations. Key speaker include: * Francis Egan, Chief Executive, Cuadrilla Resources * Andrew Austin, CEO, IGas Energy * Duarte Figueira, Head of Office of Unconventional Oil and Gas, Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) * Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK * David Messina, Managing Director, Hutton Energy * Dan Byles, MP, Chair of the Unconventionals All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), British Parliament Here?s 10 reasons you should attend: 1. Hear from Francis Egan and Leon Jennings on how Cuadrilla Resources are developing their resources in the UK and how shale gas can help resolve the UK energy crisis 2. Take part in our exclusive local community roundtables, hosted by local government councillors, community leaders, operators and licence holders. Gain an in-sight into constituencies with fracking opportunities and planning 3. Discover what the UK shale landscape will look like in the next 2-3 years from the British Geological Survey?s Director of Energy and Marine Geoscience, Robert Gatliff 4. Hear from Duarte Figueira, representing DECC, to discuss the 14th licensing round 5. Join Angela Knight to discover an in-depth insight into investment in the UK energy market 6. Discover how to optimise drilling and completions design to maximise the value of your shale reserves 7. Assess the future of unconventionals in the UK and network with operators of coal bed methane, shale oil, underground coal gasification and coal mine methane 8. Discuss the environmental impacts of shale with Greenpeace, RSPB, Keele University and the Tyndall Centre. Understand if a common ground for the UK?s energy future can be found. 9. Learn how shale gas development could impact on local economies, job creation and energy security 10. Exploit the wealth of networking opportunities with all the key UK shale gas figures in one place at this year?s must attend event. The event includes: interactive technical and local community roundtables, an exhibition showcase with on-floor seminars, one-to-one partnering sessions, an online meeting system, and fun cocktail parties. See the full programme and speaker line up online.

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