Small Business Market Expo

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>>> Sponsorship & Advertising Information: Small Business Market Expo sponsorship packages: Show advertising starting at $100: Virtual Exhibitor Booth Information: This option is available for vendors who are unable to participate in the SBM Expo but would like to be listed on our website and mobile app. Sign up for our newsletter:
The Small Business Market Expo has something for everyone. If you have a business, want to start a business, or purchase products and services from businesses; this is an event for you! Don't miss the opportunity to connect with range of small businesses, market your organization and tap into a network of entrepreneurs, service providers, financial organizations, business coaches, and franchises. Find resources and assets to help your business succeed from experts in web advancement, online networking, branding, social media, crowdsourcing, financial planning, work/life balance methods, network marketing, business counseling, self publishing, health and wellness, retirement planning, marketing, telecommunications, products and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Network with other business owners in the VIP Lounge. Small Business Market Expo is a shopping and business coaching experience. We are sponsored by Inside Out Center, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate financial growth and development within urban communities by strengthening existing businesses and helping individuals create income streams through business development, life coaching, and training.
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>>> Registration required: Exhibit Hall Access: FREE (pre registration) Seminar Registration: FREE (based on availability) Product Demonstrations: FREE (based on availability) Keynote Speaker Seminars: Only available to VIP attendees >>> Current Scheduled Seminars and Keynote Address: Becoming a Published Author by Ellis & Ellis Consulting Group Pricing your Business the Right Way by Carol Sankar The Art of the "Killer" Elevator Pitch by Precious Williams, Esq. How To Secure Grants by Kim Sellars-Bates
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> Generate on-the-spot revenue through direct sales ​> Build a follow-up database for ongoing business success ​> Engage consumers with your products and services ​> Network with attendees and other exhibitors ​> Increase Brand Recognition ​> Demonstrate, sample and sell your products ​> Distribute new and existing product information ​> Exhibiting company's name will be listed in the SBM Expo guide. ​> Exhibiting company's name will be listed on the SBM Expo website > Exhibiting company's name will be listed in the SBM Expo mobile app > Network with attendees who download the SBM Expo mobile app > Send inbox messages to attendees who downloads the SBM Expo Mobile app >>> SPEAKER PROPOSALS: Impart your insight as an industry pioneer by leading a 45 minute class before your key target demographic. The Small Business Market Expo seminars are advertised as a significant part of our Small Business Training for our expo attendees to research diverse focuses that will help their business. This is a fantastic opportunity to interface with your target audience as an industry ace in your field. We are in the process of accepting speaker applications for our seminar training sessions. You pick the topic, provide a title, description, and the speaker(s) and SBM Expo will promote on the event website, on-site program guide, and promotion on signs. Speaker Fees includes a designated meeting room at the Expo. If you are interested in conducting a seminar, fill out the speaker proposal here:

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