The Source Trade Roadshow

Bringing the best food and drink from the South West right into the heart of Bristol
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The Source trade show is going on the road!  It’s an exciting new event for Bristol that builds on the 10 year track record of success served up by the Source trade show in Exeter. The brainchild of Hale Events, veterans of the trade show business with 25 years of experience and contacts under their belt,  it’s for one day only, on Thursday 18th of June 2020 at Bristol’s Ashton Gate Stadium.

Bristol has a thriving independent food scene, with a lively focus on local, artisan, organic and ethical produce.  It has everything from inviting traditional delis and colourful street markets to buzzing bars & bistros, casual popup container restaurants to street food and widely acclaimed chefs to exotically themed eateries, all supported by a huge community of enthusiastic foodies.  There’s quality as well as quantity and diversity – five restaurants with a BS postcode hold a Michelin star, the most of any UK city outside London. 

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