South Sound Women's Show

It's what the South Sound has been waiting for! Women, bridal and MORE!
2014-10-25 - 2014-10-26
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The South Sound Women's Show is bringing all the things Women LOVE into one location. Get ready for a day of fun, shopping, wine, entertainment and pampering! Join us for the second annual South Sound Women's Show at the Pacific Sports and Events Center.

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The South Sound Women's Show offers unmatched face-to-face interaction with thousands of women in one location. At the Tacoma Women's Show, we provide you with the perfect environment to promote your product(s) and/or services in front of thousands of potential customers, clients, and/or patients. Being an exhibitor at our show has several advantages and benefits. The most important? You will actually have interested people in your target market come up to you and ask about your products or services. Major benefit: Potential customers come directly to you. Participating in the South Sound Women's Show will enable customers to meet you, review your marketing literature, sample your wares, hear about your services, and/or watch your product demonstrations. You, in turn, will have new customers directly in front of you, for you to inspire to buy your products and/or services. This method of marketing and sales is much more profitable and time saving than other approaches - and a lot more fun! The South Sound Women's Show cares about your success... When you reserve your booth for the 2014 show you will be invited to a free 'How to sell at an Expo' seminar. We will teach you how to put your best foot forward at an Expo.

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Oct. 25, & 26 2014 Fall 2015

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