supply Hot Melt Coating Machine (JYT-20)

Floor Size
Main characteristics: JYT-20 Experimental Coating Machine developed in the new century is especially suitable for the need of research, development and low product. Whether you want to test various thermosols or develop new prodcut, it will be your good assistant and a coating system with small investment and good benefit. JYT-20 adopts single-arm structure for loading and unloading the material easily and can coat the material up to a width of 200mm,so it is a standard and ideal equipment for one-person operation. If it is equipped with the tension controller of magnetic powder,you can obtain high production efficiency. Technical parameters: Model JYT20 Length 2100mm Width 950mm Height 1300mm Width of Roller 240mm Max.Width of Glueing 200mm Max.Diameter of Base Material 400mm Diameter of Paper Core 76mm Releasing Device 2sets Rolling Device 1sets Weight of Coating 15-120g/m² Max,speed 50m/min Max,power 2:5kw Working Pressure 0.2-0.7Mpa

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