Total Safety Leadership Masterclass

'From Accidents to Zero'
2015-10-06 - 2015-10-07
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+421 257 272 155
For further information about the event, cost and registration please contact Ada Tobias via or call +421 257 272 155.
This highly interactive 2 day workshop brings together safety professionals, leaders and managers from across industries to explore, share, and develop understanding of safety leadership using a blend of hands-on exercises, group dialogue, case studies and clearly articulated learning methodology. An innovative, practical, interactive approach highlighting the essential leadership, culture and behavioural aspects of workplace safety to systematically move organisations From Accidents to Zero Key Topics *Safety Excellence and the Journey to Zero Accidents *Transactional, Transformational & Servant Leadership *Going beyond Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) *The Mindful Safety Culture *The X Factor – The Secret Leadership Traits That Make The Difference *Effective Motivation and Engagement – Moving From Theory to Practice *Affective Communication Skills *Felt Leadership / Values-Based Leadership *The Role of Human Factors *Advanced Influencing Skills Reasons for Attending *Understand the psychology behind human behaviour and learn how to apply pragmatic solutions to improve workplace H&S *Learn which leadership styles most effectively influence the way we think, work, lead and live *Gain advanced leadership skills to drive a positive, sustainable impact in your workplace *Learn the ‘New ABC’ model of safety culture psychology – a powerful tool to lead with safety *Learn from a globally-recognized expert in safety culture and leadership *Learn how to conduct high impact safety interventions using practical tools and straightforward jargon-free techniques *Learn the ‘6 New Rules of Employee Engagement’ and gain tips and ideas for building engaging dialogue and conversations around safety in your workplace *Understand how a mindful approach to safety can foster a positive climate for performance improvement *Participate in meaningful discussion and debate on the most important aspects of safety culture, behaviour and leadershipand network with safety leaders and other peers from across industry

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